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NIOS SBT not generating elf

Hi I am running Quartus 19.1 Lite and recently I was able to successfully build my software projects. However now when I do I get the following error

Info: Linking test.elf
nios2-elf-g++.exe -T'C:/Users/bpere/Desktop/work_fpga_folder/continupus_pulse_width2/software/test_bsp/linker.x' -msys-crt0='' -msys-lib= -LC:/Users/bpere/Desktop/work_fpga_folder/continupus_pulse_width2/software/test_bsp -msmallc -Wl, -Os -g -Wall -mno-hw-div -mno-hw-mul -mno-hw-mulx -mgpopt=global -o test.elf obj/default/hello_world_small.o -lm -msys-lib=m
nios2-elf-g++.exe: error: missing argument to '-msys-crt0='
nios2-elf-g++.exe: error: missing argument to '-msys-lib='
make: *** [test.elf] Error 1
Makefile:1010: recipe for target 'test.elf' failed


I have tried the solutions posted here:


and they temporarily allow me to build once however a simple "hello world" project does not run correctly. Subsequent builds produces this error:

Info: Building /mnt/c/Users/bpere/Desktop/work_fpga_folder/continupus_pulse_width2/software/test2_bsp/
make --no-print-directory -C /mnt/c/Users/bpere/Desktop/work_fpga_folder/continupus_pulse_width2/software/test2_bsp/
[BSP build complete]
Info: Creating test2.objdump
nios2-elf-objdump.exe --disassemble --syms --all-header --source test2.elf >test2.objdump
nios2-elf-objdump.exe: can't disassemble for architecture UNKNOWN!

Makefile:1020: recipe for target 'test2.objdump' failed
make: *** [test2.objdump] Error 1
make: *** Deleting file 'test2.objdump'


please help



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