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NIOS/uCOS system boot from UFM problem

Hi, I am having problems with making the "Hello MicroC/OS-II" project template to work from UFM, on a MAX 10M50 device that has a NIOS II processor and 128K internal RAM. I set everything up conform "Boot option 1a" from AN730: application code on UFM, runtime location internal RAM. I think my problem is with bsp settings. As you can see in the picture when I select: "enable_alt_load" under BSP_editor/Setings/Advanced/hal/linker, the options for selecting "enable_alt_load_copy_rodata", rwdata, exceptions are not available(greyed_out). When I try to run the debugger it tells me "verify failed between address..." (address belongs to UFM sector)(see picture). 

What should I change to be able to run a MicroC/OS_II application stored on UFM(flash) without copying .text part into the RAM?

Note: The "Hello World!" project works just fine with this "Boot option 1a" setup. So, the problem shows up when I switch from a "hal" software project to a "uCOS" software project.

Any suggestions?

Thank you! 

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