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NIOS version that runs "count binary" template on Altera DE2-115 board

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I am looking for a NIOS design that I can program on my Altera DE2-115 board (using Quartus II V14.0) on which I then run the "count binary" template that is part of the NIOS-Eclipse IDE. I am currently using a NIOS design that is part of one of the demo projects that come with the DE2-115 board (the USB device project), and with this NIOS design, I can see the counter counting on stout (via JTAGUART), but not on the board LEDs, 7-segment displays, or LCD display. 


Thank you for your help, 


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You can add PIO (Parallel I/O) megafunction to your QSYS and connect LEDs to NIOS this way. The value will be transferred to the FPGA pins and the LEDs will be turned on/off according calculation result. With a little modification of your C code and connection to the right FPGA pins (export interface from QSYS) it will work fine. For 7-segment display you need to write a bit more C code, to decode the value and turn on/off the needed segments of 7-segment elements. Unfortunatelly I am not familiar with this particular board and its LCD display.