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NIOS2-Debugger doesn't show all µCos/II-task-stacks

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I am migrationg my NIOS2-Project with µCos/II from Quartus 9.1sp2 to Quartus 13.1. 

To debug my software I used the old IDE, because the SBT-Environment could show only one stack (the one of the current running task). The IDE showed all the stacks of all tasks. 

Now, I hoped the new Debugger finally has the kernel-awareness again, but I still see only one stack.  

To reproduce my issue, you can use the hello_ucosii-Project from Template. 

n2sw_nii52008.pdf says: "When you debug a MicroC/OS-II application, the debugger can display the current state of all threads in the application, including backtraces and register values." But, the Debugger can't! 


What do I wrong? Can anybody help me? 

Best Regards, 

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