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Hi all.  

At my Altera Cyclone development board I design project with EPCS4 - and all work  

Now i have build custom NIOS2 board with Cyclone - EPC6 

And for Program Code and Hadrware image I use new EPCS16 Active serial flash to increase room for program code  


But when i try to configure it from IDE!!! 

I saw that EPCS16 IS NOT SUPPORTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Because in purpose configuration system used old asmi controller !!!!!!!!!! 

that is not fair - in all pdf's i read that is possible to use any EPCS controller 

BUT IN FACT NO ONLY EPCS1 & EPCS4!!!!!<#EMO_DIR#>/ohmy.gif  

Look what IDE tell&#39;s me : 

Jan 5, 2005 2:40:24 PM - (INFO) nios2-flash-programmer: Launching Quartus Programmer to download: 


Unrecognized EPCS device ID: 20 

Jan 5, 2005 2:40:28 PM - (SEVERE) nios2-flash-programmer: Error opening target hardware 

Jan 5, 2005 2:40:28 PM - (SEVERE) nios2-flash-programmer: Unable to open flash-device after successfully communicating with target. 


WHERE I CAN FIND SOURCES of firmware_ROM.hex to correct that by my self ? 

what i have to do????
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Re: NIOS2 & EPCS16 -SOS!

Hello AlexS, 


I&#39;m also designing a custom board with a EPCS16 device, and I have thought about your problem. I think you are right, EPCS16 is not supported with nios 1.01 software. I think it&#39;s yet available a new version of the nios software, 1.1, but I don&#39;t know if this serious problem is there resolved. 


I&#39;m thinking about the posibility of programming the flash memory with a programm made by myself through the debbuger, by using the HAL functions for the "EPCS Device Controller Core with Avalon Interface". That may work out, but there is a problem more: Some of this functions read the ID for the EPCS device, and they don&#39;t consider the ID for the EPCS16 (I think is 20h). Perhaps you can change a little these functions and get the problem resolved.
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