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NIOS2 Tristate PIO Direction Whatever...

hi, i wonder if there is someone else who experienced this "PROBLEM": 



if i use a 32-bit pio (mapped to some pins on the PROTO2 connector), the PIO-Direction register can be found at "BASE+0x04". fine. 


if i use a 12-bit pio it is at "BASE+0x02"!!!<#EMO_DIR#>/mad.gif  


the handbook only says:  

data = offset 0, 

direction = offset 1. 


there should be the mark, that the "offset" (which is fix for me if i talk about offset) may VARY depending on the width of the IO... 

i remember the old NIOS, the dir-reg was ALWAYS at base+0x04, no matter. i tried to port the old module for the NIOS2, it didnt work.  

- so the PIO-Component has changed as well - 


thanks altera! 


greetings, martin
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