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Need a Super Easy Benchmark

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I'm working on a project. And I am running out of time. 


I have built a NIOS II on an FPGA, and now I need to run some benchmark on it, as required from me. 


I prefer if it is:  


  • Oriented toward heavy number crunching : numerical/multimedia/signal_processing 

  • Written in C or C++ (or anything that I can compile) 



EEMBC is very expensive. I have also ALP Benchmark and the software contains some in-line assembly code, so basically it all has to be rewritten for NIOS. 



Please don't suggest something to me that needs to be "adapted"! I need a super easy quick to plug-in piece of code that would just run on the NIOS IDE compiler with minimum effort and gives me some numbers to produce.  

Hint: I am running out of time! Please help! 


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