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Need source or wrapper to rebuild sdl_hub.ko

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I am trying to use the remote debugging feature for system level debug on a Cyclone V per Altera App note 693. 


It calls out a download that includes a pre-compiled sld_hub.ko kernel module. The problem is that I have rebuilt the kernel (and am actually using v3.12). Which kernel was this compiled for? The .zip file doesn't contain any versioning information at all. Is there a repository for older kernels (we have a customer on 3.8 and another using 3.12). What configuration or kernel APIs are required? I am trying to use this with a custom board, so I am fairly certain the module won't load without rebuilding it against my kernel tree. 


How do I do this? 


Kernel modules, at least some level of wrapper for them to support linking against a specific kernel version, are supposed to be open-source. I appreciate the desire to keep the specific JTAG interface proprietary (though I don't fully understand what real benefit that provides), but this app note seems fairly useless if you aren't using the exact kernel version supplied by the GRHD. 




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The kernel referred to in AN693 is not available on the rocket boards git tree. 


How do i use the sld hub component with the 3.13 kernel?