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NetX WLAN Driver

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Hello Fellow Developers, 


I am new to this forum, and obviously new to ThreadX and the world of embedded system. I am basically a software developer, not an embedded system developer. I have worked on several SCADA based applications (used C#, Python and Java), but never worked on Embedded System directly. For a recent project I need to work with ThreadX and NetX on an ARM Cortex M3 board equipped with built-in Wifi module. 


The first thing I need to do is writing a WLAN Driver for NetX. netx user guide ( provides a proper guidance for the developers about writing an Ethernet Driver. But I need a sample WLAN driver for NetX to understand all the things. Can anyone provide me one? The driver can be for any chip, it does not matter. The thing does matter is to understand the proper architecture of a WLAN driver for NetX. 


Thanks in advance.  



Shubhadeep Banerjee
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You are not on the right place, this forum is about ThreadX specifically on Altera Soc devices. I suggest that you ask this question on a generic ThreadX forum instead.

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I'm consolidating forums so this will get moved to "Other Operating Systems" which is where all the non-Linux posts will go moving forward.