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New kernel release won't boot



I was successfully configuring, building, uploading and booting the last release of uClinux on my hardware. I recently installed the newly released kernel and I'm back to the kernel not booting on the hardware. Same old problem about "..can't find mtdblock0.."


Here is the boot screen (yes, it says "mtdblock1" below, but that is just one iteration I've tried that obviously didn't work):​ 




There are some new "features" in this release that are not present in my old, working kernal. There isn&#39;t any support documentation regarding these new "features", nor is there a way to turn some of them off! 




It took a lot of thrash the first time around to get the kernal configured correctly so that it would build properly, then it took more thrash to figure out the secret combination of peripheral names, IRQ numbers and kernal configuration choices that would allow the kernel to boot on the HW successfully.


I didn&#39;t expect to have to go through all this again for a "new and improved" release.


Is there a simple solution here?


Note: I&#39;m not a linux person whatsoever. Please be very explicit with any advice you can offer.

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Hi thosburke, 


Turn on MTD debugging at highest verbosity. Then check your partition 

map ... BTW: I don&#39;t see CONFIG_MTD_ALTERA in the (older) version I&#39;m 

using. If your map is correct, it&#39;s time to take a look at your actual rootfs. 


Is your root romfs? 



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For Altera&#39;s board, CONFIG_MTD_JEDECPROBE shall be turned on so that the kernel can find the flash chip. It is enabled by default in the new release.

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