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Nios 2 software runs in debug mode but not on free run

The nios 2 (cyclone 3 fpga, quartrus 9.1sp1) 

Developed code is made to boot from epcs controller. 

I use trace32 lauterbach debugger. 

When i do a system power cycle and do a system.up 

I.e. the debugger just attach to nios but does not load elf, then it is observed that the code is loaded in the sdram by the epcs controller, also the code run as expected, but if the debugger is not connected then the code does not run after power cycle. 

I am unable to decide if this is issue with nios software configuration or quartus tool issue. 

Has any body faced similar issue. 

If yes could you please guide me through. 

Thanks in advance.
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