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Nios BSP debug

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Hello again Altera community, I have a need to set my Nios II BSP to debug disabled and optimization to some enabled level (1 or 2 is fine). I have tried to set these properties by right clicking the BSP project in the Nios II SDK and changing the settings, but these settings do not appear to be retained and are set back to debug on and optimization off the next time I look at them. I get the impression that I may need to change settings in the BSP editor but I have not yet determined how to make that work without causing the BSP compile to fail. Any tips are appreciated, thanks!

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So, I think I found one possible solution. If you open the BSP Editor in the Nios II IDE for Eclipse, there is a section under Settings->Common->hal->make. Here, you can set the debug and optimization options. Changing these options, generating, and building the BSP, the settings appear to be in effect. However, they don't always seem to hold if you open the BSP Editor again, for example, the -g debug flag I removed looks like it gets restored automatically.