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Nios II EDS: Launch as "Nios II Hardware" Shortcut missing?

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Hi there, 


we are using Nios II 10.0 EDS and searching for a key-shortcut to launch (Debug or Run Mode) our software project as "nios ii hardware". 


We do know that there is F11/Ctrl+F11 for debug/run (which is additonally customizable). 

But if you go this way, you've to choose if you either want to launch it as c/c++ application or as nios ii hardware. Therefore additonal user input is required. 


We do want to avoid a further user input and launch the software as "Nios II Hardware" straightaway. The Nios EDS does not seem to remember how you launched the project recently. 


Any suggestions or workarounds?  

Does any of the further versions (11.x or 12.x) solve this issue? 


Thanks for your help! 

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Have you tried the following command in your project directory? 


nios2-download -g <Project Name>.elf && nios2-terminal
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Thanks for your advice! 


Unfortunately we don't want to launch our applications by using the commando shell. 


Anyway, thanks for your help
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if you are talking about Nios II Hardware" which is missing in Nios II 9.1 Software Build Tools then launch it from yor windows start menu -> all programs -> altera -> Nios II EDS 9.1 -> Legacy Nios II tools -> Nios II 9.1 EDS. this will bring back that run as nios ii hardware thing.