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[Nios II] Handle different sizes of SDRAM with the same software

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I use the nios ii processor in my application. For the moment, I use it with an 256Mb SYNCHRONOUS DRAM with 12 Row Address Input and 9 Column Address Input.  


My application is evolving and I need a bigger memory. So I selected an 512Mb SYNCHRONOUS DRAM with 13 Row Address Input and 9 Column Address Input.  


I often make software update (with bootloader) of my installed product base and I don't want to deal with two different software.  


I can get the information of which RAM I have but I have not enough size in my EPCS to store two HW and software (to handle different sizes of RAM) + HW and software for the bootloader 


Is it any way to select the RAM size in nios software at the code execution ?  


If is not, have you any idea about my problem ? 


Thanks for your help. 

Sorry for my poor English. 


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