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Nios II Profiler

Honored Contributor I

Hi all, 

I try to take Program Profile. 

I did ... 


- check "Link with profiling Library" on IDE sysytem library's property. 

- Build Project 

- Launch Nios II command-line shell 

- type following 3 commands 

- "nios2-download -g --cable USB-Blaster hello_world_0.elf" 

- "nios2-terminal -c USB-Blaster --gmon" 

- "nios2-elf-gprof hello_world_0.elf > prof.txt" 


Anyway, I could get the result... but is this right way..? 

Does anyone tell me more clever way to take Profile on Nios II? (IDE only if possible). 


Thanks for any help.
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Honored Contributor I

Hi koma, 


I believe you have it correct. Using gprof from the IDE has been formally requested and has been passed to the Nios II IDE engineering & marketing groups as a feature request; as with any feature this will have to be prioritized along with other new features for coming releases.
Honored Contributor I

Hi Jesse, 

Thank you for your quick reply. 


I see. I'm looking forward to the future release. Thanks Developers!