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Nios II and Stratix II Dev.Kit

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I'm planning to buy the Nios II Development Kit, Stratix II Edition, I saw it here: (

with a Stratix II EP2S30F672C6 device on board. 


But when I'm in SOPC Builder, the "Target" dropdown list include only: 

- Altera DSP Development Board, Stratix II (EP2S60ES) 

- NiosII Development Board, Cyclone (EP1C20) 

- NiosII Development Board, Stratix (EP1S10ES) 

- NiosII Development Board, Stratix Pro (EP1S40) 

- NiosII Development Board, Stratix II (EP2S60ES) 


What&#39;s wrong??<#EMO_DIR#>/dry.gif  


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Hello Matteo, 


I ordered a Stratix II Nios DK but until now it is not available. I think there will be an update when the board will be shipped. 




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We are introducing Stratix II support as the devices arrive and we can design, build, test, and add support for the development boards. As you can probably guess from what is displayed in SOPC Builder we have produced a Nios development board with Stratix II 2S60ES; these will be the first to ship. I suggest that you contact your local Altera sales office or distributor to inquire about the 2S30 schedule in addition to the 2S60ES. If I were you, though, I&#39;d snag one of the 2S60ES&#39; because you get an FPGA twice as big. 


As soon as we have boards produced & tested in-house we will add the new dev board to the list you see in SOPC Builder. 


Note: the downside to using ES chips are that the timing info quartus gives is preliminary, and there may be issues (documented) that are limitations of that spin of the silicon. Altera publishes errata describing such limitations. So this may be a reason to wait for the non-ES development board.
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Jesse&#39;s right, we&#39;re shipping this kit with a EP2S60 part until the 2S30s come in. We&#39;re in no particular hurry, but I would expect that we&#39;ll switch over to the 2S30 boards in the first half of Q1 2005. In the mean time, the list price for these 2S60 kits is the same as it will be when the 2S30s ship, so consider this a limited time offer.  


By the way, we&#39;ve started to ship this kit! The lead times are high due to the demand, but it&#39;s worth the wait.