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Nios II development from Quartus II v13.1

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Hello all. 

I am a Nios II beginner and am hoping that one of you good folks out there can advise me on a good starting tutorial. Currently I have at my disposal a Cyclone III FPGA Starter Kit (not the NEEK!) which I have been using with Quartus II version 13.1 web edition, and am progressing well with VHDL and Verilog. Now I want to get to grips with Nios II. I gather the Nios II IDE has been integrated into Quartus II (am I right?) but have yet to find any beginning tutorial that has it as it's starting point, rather everything I've found so far indicates use of the IDE. Clearly I want to target the aforementioned Starter Kit board but I get the feeling this may be less than ideal. 


All (reasonable) suggestions gratefully received
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