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Nios II gprof problems

Hello Everyone: 


I'm currently using the Nios II 5.0 soft-core processor and I've been working on the examples supplied with this kit. 


I was working on a profiler example with this tutorial: (


The "Checksum_test" program example worked with the Nios II Standard Core Example (located in C:\altera\kits\nios2\examples\vhdl\niosII_stratix_1s40\standard) 


The Dhrystone Benchmark that came with the Nios II IDE program developer did not run on the Standard Core. In the "vhdl\niosII_stratix_1s40\standard", I double clicked on the block diagram of the system, and change the CPU core to Nios II FAST CORE, using all the defaults (ie. did not change any values of the instruction/data cache memories) I got rid of the old standard block diagram and replaced it with the Fast-Core diagram in the "vhdl\niosII_stratix_1s40\standard" example. 


The Dhrystone Benchmark worked. However, when extracting the profiled results of the Dhrystone Benchmark using the command: 


nios2-elf-gprof dhrystone_profile gmon.out > report.txt 


The error I received: 


gmon.out is missing a flat profile 


I tried by passing this error by having the nios2-elf-gprof to display the call-graph profile only and in the "Time (Seconds)" displayed NaN (Not a Number) value for all of the functions. 


---My Thoughts--- 


I assume that there is something overflowing a counter or a memory overflow that has taken place. The "vhdl\niosII_stratix_1s40\standard" example contains the off-chip SDRAM controller which I assume it is using all the 16MB of it.  


---My Questions--- 


1. Is there any way to resolve this issue by modifying a component of the "vhdl\niosII_stratix_1s40\standard" example? 


2. Is there another switch or flag I need to add prior to the compilation of the Dhrystone Benchmark? 




Please respond as soon as possible about this issue. Any response is greatly appreciated! 


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