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Nios II reading register via console



I setup a Nios II system via Qsys and downloaded it. However I'm not able to run any program on it. The Debugger connects to the target but it does not break in main (). I suspect reset or clk problem and want to read/write some registers, memory, How can I do that? Is there any tool to read/write registers/memory manually? 

I found the System Console, which could provide this functionality. It connects to my system and shows it components. But I didn't found any hint how to use it, to solve my problem to read registers. 


Thank you  


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System Console is described in this document: 


The examples start on page 10-28, and the descriptions on page 10-32 through page 10-35 sound most what you are looking for. 


Note that these are not NIOS processor registers, but are control registers in separate components in your system that are connected via Avalon-MM interface to the NIOS and the JTAG Avalon-MM Master components in your design.
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