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Nios UP vga

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Hi all , 


Where can i read details about functions like : 


alt_up_pixel_buffer_open_dev(); and alt_up_pixel_buffer_draw(); etc all that relate to vga SOC in UP . 


I have read Altera ip Cores for DE boards , but it does not any details or examples of how to use these functions e.g  


CHAR_BUFFER= alt_up_char_buffer_open_dev("/dev/video_character_buffer_with_dma_0"); 


where can i find /dev/video_character_buffer_with_dma_0 , i dont see any dev folder in my project ???? 


Regards ,
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Refer following link for the functions like alt_up_pixel_buffer_open_dev() & alt_up_pixel_buffer_draw(). 



Let me know if this has helped resolve the issue you are facing. 


Best Regards 

Vikas Jathar  

Intel Customer Support – Engineering 

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