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Nios using onchip memory resets continuously

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I am using a small footprint EP4CE6 FPGA with NIOSII built using 20KB on chip memory. Using Eclipse IDE I built the "small hello world" example as a starting point. My problem is that when I add anything more than a simple alt_printf statement, the cpu continuously resets itself. 


I think it may be because I am not setting up the complier correctly. The instructions refer to the old NIOS IDE. I would like to know how to set these using the ECLIPSE IDE. 

- Define the preprocessor option ALT_NO_INSTRUCTION_EMULATION 

- Set Periodic system timer and Timestamp timer to none 

- Set Max file descriptors to 4 

- Uncheck Clean exit (flush buffers) 


and any other settings you think is necessary to run NIOS CPU with on-chip memory only. 



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How large is your onchip memory? I've seen this happen when I had too small of memory.

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How large is your onchip memory? I've seen this happen when I had too small of memory. 

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20KB. I generated Qsys system as per the NiosII hardware Development tutorial.