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Nios2 and timer

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Hi all forumers !! 


I'm totally new to fpgas and I'm trying to get my best !!  


But now I really need some suggestions.. I'm implementing a routine in C with quartus that uses a timer but I cannot find how to get it... I need to implement something like that: 


#include<time.h> ..... some code here ..... time_t start,now; time(&start); seconds = 0; while seconds < 1 { ... do something... time(&now); seconds=(uint8_t) difftime(now,start); }  


by the way it seems not working... i always get seconds==0. 


There is a better way to get it works ?? 


Thank you for your support !! 


Have a nice day !
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Solved it. 


It was sufficient to add and configure "interval timer" in my qsys. I have called it sys_clck_timer. Than, in eclipse, I have added the sys_clck_timer in the bsp editor of my project.