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Noobie Question: How exactly does Cyclone IV Fabric Launch NIOS II code?

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Hi all,

Reading through documentation I can't find this answer exactly.


Basically I'm wondering how the Cyclone IV fabric launches the NIOS II code after a reconfiguration event. This can either be on power up (when Cyclone IV launches the factory fabric configuration) or after a reconfiguration event to a user defined application fabric image.


How exactly does the fabric launch the NIOS II software code?


Thanks so much in advance!

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Hello Neil! @NRugg 

First of all, thank you for reaching us. I'm Eliath Guzman.


The way that NIOS II is launched, depends on the way the system is booting.

Please take a look into the next Training which explains the different boot processes you can implement in your system and how NIOS II is launched.