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Not able to read device description of pen drive via USB interface.

Hello everyone! 

I am trying to execute a C code in Nios IDE to create a file in pen drive connected to Micron Nand flash via USB. 

After running the program, file system is succesfuly initialized, USB host stack is also created and initialized. 


Then I connect the pen drive and the message : 

"Device connected. Device speed is full speed (12 Mb/s)" will be displayed. 

Later an error : "USBH_DevDescRd: 3119, err = -4" appears. 


I think this means that the device description is not being read successfully. Why is this happening? how to eliminate this error? 

please help, any advice is welcome...
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Some pen drives include additional devices (security, etc). Simplistic software like most embedded libraries can't deal with this. Sometimes USB hub(s) are also included. I'd suggest trying your code with a variety of different brands, models, sizes of pen drives and use the ones that work. That's easier than debugging a more complex pen drive. If your device needs to work with any generic pen drive, I'd suggest purchasing a commercial USB and file system stack for embedded devices rather than relying on code from a demo. 


Also, it's not considered polite to post the same question in multiple forum areas.
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Sure Galfonz, I will try with various pen drives.  

I sincerely apologize for posting the same question.