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OpenCore Plus Time-limited File and Linux Worklflow

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Hi there, 

I am very new to the Quartus toolchain and have a question about the workflow. 


Till now, I have used a precompiled Linux SDCard and changed the dtb and rbf files with my own but now I want to use an IP from Altera which supports the evaluation mode. 

Since I am not able to make a rbf file from a time-limited sof file, I need to change my workflow and program my device with the Quartus II programmer. 


I am a little bit lost with all these settings, so my question is what do I need to do to boot linux with my FPGA configuration without flashing a rbf from SDCard? 


Please let me know of everything which comes to your mind because I have no idea what way will work. 


For example: Maybe it is enough to halt the auto-boot, change the bootcmd command such that it only loads the dtb, save it, and then I only need to flash my FPGA configuration at the first time boot. But maybe I also need to change MSEL settings, or even need to compile/build the preloader and u-boot or even Linux?!?! 


Thank you in advance!
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