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Parameters of SYG_FLASH_DRIVER macro

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Could you specify the parameters of SYG_FLASH_DRIVER macro? 


I have got a 128MB flashlike device with 130 blocks of 0x10000 bytes size and 4 ones of 0x4000 bytes. So, I made such an array: 


static const cyg_flash_block_info_t p8p_block_info[2] = { 

{(size_t)0x4000, (cyg_uint32)4 }, 

{(size_t)0x10000, (cyg_uint32)130 } 



and then wrote the macro: 





0, /* flags */ 

cygmem_region_flash, /* flash first address */ 

cygmem_region_flash + p8p_region_size - 1, /* flash last address */ 

2, /* number of items in p8p_block_info*/ 


&p8p_priv /* pointer to priv handle */ 

} ; 



As a result, eCos dies. Can you see the error(s) ?
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