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Pointing to Interval Timer Nios

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I am new to Nios and was wondering if someone could help me figure out what I am doing wrong pointing to the interval timer. I have read the Embedded Peripherals section on it multiple times and it has not helped. I used pointers as opposed to using IRQs, becuase thats how the LED example was, I am trying to eventually create a program that has a Real time sampling interval, because I will be adding an ADC next. I have been adding the components one at a time to understand their functionality and properly use them. If I have a wrong approach for the leads with pointers please correct me as well. I had the leds working with a counter. I was trying to just check and reset the status register for the interval timer so that I could have it update the leds on the timers cycle. I know there are code examples, but writing my own and working through it is the best way to learn, I just got stuck and wasn't sure why this approach was not working when it did for the leds. Thanks a bunch 

# include <stdio.h># include <system.h> int main() { int* led= (int *)PIO_0_BASE; // air pio pins into the regulator int* timer_status= (int *)TIMER_0_BASE; int count=0; *led=0x3; while(1) { if(*timer_status==0x1) { *timer_status=0x0; if (count==0) { *led=0x3; //*air=0x3; count=1; } else if (count==1) { *led=0x2; count=2; } else if (count==2) { *led=0x1; count=3; } else if (count==3) { *led=0x0; count=0; } } } return 0; }
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So I did a lot of reading and learned a bunch about the HAL which didn't help me. I found out that to fix my code I have to keep telling the counter to start after it finishes. Is there a way to make it just keep recounting in Platform designer/Qsys? I thought that was the default setting already.