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Power Supply of Nios Deevlopment Kit (Stratix Edition)

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Hey Guys, 


I have the "Nios Development Kit - Stratix Edition". I received it from a friend to pratice and learn FPGA development. I dont have a power supply. This link (, suggest I need a 9V power supply but doesnt mention how much Amperes. So, I bought a 9V, 300mA power supply unit but unfortunately it's not working. I searched over internet but I was very unsuccessfull. So, I request to share the information w.r.t the number of Amperes I need to power the FPGA.
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Hello Everyone,  


I found the answer myself and I am posting it for future forum memmber. I bought a universal power supply (auf Deutsch Netzteil) from the company Voltcraft(any company should work for this matter). The properties are 3V to 12V (one has to chnage to 9V) but the important part is 2250mA. Have fun!
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Hello swaroop933, 

I have also recently acquired the stratix edition nios development kit(EP1S10F780), I did not get any software files accompanying it. I am a beginner in the world of FPGA, if you could share the CD ROM files of the board with me, it would be a great help. I have scourged through most of the websites to no avail. i even searched the entire ftp site of altera. 

Thanks in advance.(mail id is