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Probe not called while using USB xHCI driver in nios2-linux

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I am working on USB xHCI drivers in nios2-linux with kernel v3.10. I have updated ../usb/kconfig to enable support of usb_arch_has_xhci on which usb_xhci_hcd depends. I have also enabled usb_xhci_platform in ../usb/host/kconfig file. Added some custom prints in xhci-plat.c and xhci.c to debug if xhci_hcd_init and xhci_register_plat methods are being called or not? But all prints in these two methods were printed and returned successfully. It looks like platform_driver_register is also executing successfully. But my probe method is not called. I am curious about which part i missed here. I want to understand, what other configurations need to be done? 


I have attached both kconfig files mentioned above. I have added usb_arch_has_xhci support in "menuconfig usb_support"(../usb/kconfig) option and support in "config usb_xhci_hcd_debugging"(../usb/host/kconfig) option. 


Note: I haven't enabled PCI. 


Any suggestions will help. 



Parth Shah
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Hi All, 


I have found the solution to above issue. 


When device is added using platform_add_devices from platform.c, that device should have same name as given to the driver.