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Problem to use the USB OTG as gadget (peripheral) in linux.

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I'm using the helio board from macnica with a SoC Cyclone V and I'm trying use the USB OTG of the board as device (gadget) in the linux. 

My target is connect the board to my PC and I want that my PC recognize the board as HID device or CDC device. 


With a little search in the web I discovered that I need enable the module libcomposite.ko and the module g_serial.ko. 


The kernel image that I use is from the site: I have tryed with the kernel 3.13 and 3.18. 


When I use the kernel 3.13, I get the error: 

root@socfpga:~/drivers# insmod libcomposite.ko // OK no error 

root@socfpga:~/drivers# insmod g_serial.ko  

Error: could not insert module g_serial.ko: No such device 


in the dmesg have the message: 

couldn't find an available UDC 


I suppose that the error is because don't have the UDC (USB device controller) driver, I try enable the flag Designware/S3C HS/OtG USB Device controller in the 

→ Device Drivers → USB support → USB Gadget Support → USB Peripheral Controller to enable the driver. 

but when I try it the kernel compilation broke with the error: 

make[3]: *** No rule to make target `drivers/usb/gadget/s3c-hsotg.o', needed by `drivers/usb/gadget/built-in.o'. Stop. 


The most interesting is that in the drivers/usb/dwc2/Makefile have the follow message: 


# NOTE: This driver at present only implements the Host mode 

# of the controller. The existing s3c-hsotg driver supports 

# Peripheral mode, but only for the Samsung S3C platforms. 

# There are plans to merge the s3c-hsotg driver with this 

# driver in the near future to create a dual-role driver. Once 

# that is done, Host mode will become an optional feature that 

# is selected with a config option. 



In the kernel 3.18 this structure of the kernel was changed, but I have the same error when try execute the module the command "insmod g_serial.ko". 


Someone know if the Altera give drivers to use the OTG as peripheral in the linux? If yes how I can do it? 




Willian Henrique
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