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Problem when reload a Qsys design on Nios IDE 12.1

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I have several errors on NIOS IDE when I modify design on Qsys and reloading the system. I use the Quartus II 12.1 with Qsys and NIOS IDE. So basically when I created a new design on Qsys with a NIOS and the application with BSP on IDE there is no problem. 

So when I modify my system on Qsys, I proceed like this : 

- Add a new peripheral (PIO for example) 

- Wire the new peripheral, assign base address... 

- Generate on Qsys  

- Update the symbol on Quartus and compile the new system 

- Clean project on NIOS IDE 

- Generate BSP 

- Run configuration, delete the old and make a new : the system ID and Timestamp are ok (when I download the new .sof) 

When I open the system.h I found my new peripheral but when I want to use it, (for example IOWR(PIO_TEST_BASE, 0, 0x0) the environment doesn’t know this new peripheral like it didn’t reload the right .qsys… 

So the only solution I have found is to delete the project a make a new one. 

I have looking on forum but didn't found response.. 

Anybody have a solution to this problem ? 

Thanks in advance
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Anybody have the same problem and can help me ?

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I have the same proglem and most of the time i create new project for my new Qsys 

but notice that when you compile the project in eclipse there is no error message in the console, and there is only an error sign in some of your .c lines 

you can ignore the error sign as long as you don't have any error message in the console
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Finally i found the solution with a colleague. So i post the solution for the community. 

In fact it's simple. The problem (for me) is when i start NIOS IDE i choose my workspace on my hard disk (for exemple D:\Quartus121) but you have to indicate the way to your project, for exemple D:\Quartus121\Project\Test_Project_Nios if not NIOS IDE didn't reload the .qsys correctly... 

I hope it can help some altera member.