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Problem with IRQs. Linux freezing.

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Hello i've made a design consisting of a CPU, SDRAM, PHY and etc. 

Then i made a character device driver to recieve IRQs from a VHDL block i've made, my VHDL block generates a high signal at a 60hz frequency. 


However my Linux freezes after a certain time (like 1minute), why is that? 


If i comment the line in my device driver that register the IRQ everything works fine and the linux never freezes! 


My device driver implementation is the follow: 


Read function: 

ssize_t shmem_read(struct file *filep ,char *buff, size_t count, loff_t *offp) { int retval; int temp = 0; interruptible_sleep_on(&readw); retval = copy_to_user(buff, &current_cycle, sizeof(raw_cycle_t)); if (retval != 0) { printk(KERN_ERR "Kernel to userspace copy failed!\n" ); return retval; } return count; }  


IRQ handler 

static irqreturn_t io_irq_handler(int irq, void *dev_id) { wake_up_interruptible(&readw); outl(0xf, &pio_in->np_pioedgecapture); return IRQ_HANDLED; }  



/* IRQ PIO INPUT INIT */ io_irq = PIO_IRQ; enable_irq(io_irq); ret = request_irq(io_irq, &io_irq_handler, 0, DRIVER_NAME, &io_irq); if (ret) { printk(KERN_ERR __FILE__ ": Error while requesting IRQ, during %s\n", __FUNCTION__); return ret; }
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I guess i was having a deadlock.. when i run it with realtime process priority i have no problems. 





NVM just had the same problem after a longer time..
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I changed my PIO irq from Level to Edge and everything works fine