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Problem with include path under Nios-II


I do have a Nios-II project, which should be able to run on 2 different hardware. 

I thus made a main project and 2 bsp projects (one for each HW configuration) and changed the bsp settings accordingly in the "Nios II Application properties" tab in the "project properties" window. 

Up to now I had not much problems with that. 

But today, as I was trying to add a new feature in the SW, I face the following problem: 

Although the unwanted bsp project is closed, although the bsp settings point to the right bsp project, the system.h points to the bad bsp :( 


When I saw that in the includes list, both bsps where present, I tried to remove the one not concerning the current build: unsuccessful! 

I thus went to the project properties and opened the "paths and symbols" tab under "C/C++ general" and tried to remove the unwanted paths: unsuccessful! 

They all are "built-in values" and no way to remove them, even not to change the order. 


I thus wanted to remove those "built-in values", trying to understand where they might have been setup... still unsuccessful! 


How could I proceed? 


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