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Problems uploading ELF in flash on DE2



I realy feel stupid bothering you with this problem, since it's probably due to my inexperience with altera products and/or bad AN comprehension. 


I designed a robot controler device in VHDL, including an "economic NIOS".  


The components of the SOPC are: 

- cpu 

- jtag-uart 

- onchip memory (ram) 

- avalon to external bus bridge 

- clock source 

- epcs serial flash controler 

- RS232-uart 



As I uploaded the sof file in RAM, then the ELF, there was no problem.  


If I upload a pof file in Flash, then a ELF in RAM, it works too. 


My problem occurs as I try to upload the ELF and the pof in Flash: if I turn the power off, then on again, nothing seems to occur, except the leds that are slightly lits. 


I read the Nios II Flash Programmer, but obviously missed my mistake.  

Here is my procedure: 

1)generate SOF file. 

2)convert it in POF. 

3)upload it through usb-blaster by "active programming" (RUN/PROG button on PROG) 

4)launch the eclipse's "flash programmer" 

5)set up using the .sopcinfo 

6)select the Elf file 

7)a- if the RUN/PROG button is on RUN, everything seems ok until I turn the DE2 off and on again 

7)b- if the RUN/PROG button is on PROG, I get an "error code 8" that I didn't found any documentation on. 


I tried to find on the web a "flash uploading for dummies procedure" but didn't.  


Thank you for your help and your patience!
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