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Problems with NIOS II Build

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Has anyone noticed any problems with Nios II on Quartus 4.2? 

Specifically I've upgraded to Quartus 4.2 and am running NIOS II sp 1 

When doing a build at the final stages I get a 


make -s all  

Syntax error: "(" unexpected 

make: *** [C:/altera/NIOS/blmcore2/full_1c20_sim/dummy_file] Error 2 

Build completed 


Now the elf seems to be built correctly as it can be downloaded and run 

but this error stops the flash programmer running (since it always does a build). 

It seems that the error is due to a problem in one of the auto generated make files 

but it is pretty hard to find out where, any suggestions? 


(To try and trace the problem I've tried it on a different OS boot and also tried re-installing 

NIOS II sp1 back over top but the error persists) 


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Do you have access to Nios II 1.1? If so, I'd recommend using it. 


- slacker
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According to Altera, 

'Quartus 4.2, is not compatible with NIOS II SP1, and this fact will be added to the Quartus 4.2 pages in a promiment place'. 


Hey ho, and no i don&#39;t have access to it so will just have to wait for the 20% compilation speed increase when Nios 1.1 arrives.<#EMO_DIR#>/sad.gif
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Can you use the eval version available through the forum till the CD arrives?

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Hello cybdenw, 


I "solve" this problem by doing this : 


- run your project, it will compile and give the error you mentionned 

- delete the dummy_file 

- create a new text document 

- rename it as dummy_file 

- re-run your project, it will finish the interrupted compilation (actually rebuild the flash images), it should work. 


I know it is very annoying to have to do so, but it is the only way I found.... 


Hope it helps,