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Problems with kernel >= 4.x

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I currently trying to replace my kernel with version 3.17 with a newer 

one with version greater than 4.x.  

I tried several versions but I am facing some problems and maybe anybody 

else had the same issues and know a fix. 


1. Problem  

The bridges are renamed from hps2fpga to br0 and so on. I am using the 

standard sockit device tree for the Terasic DE1SoC. 

Is this common that the old names are gone? And are the bridges now 

enabled and disabled automatically? 


2. Problem  

I cannot configure the fpga by writing the rbf file to the /dev/fpga0 device.# cat /sys/class/fpga_manager/fpga0/state 

power off 

It looks like the FPGA is not powered?! 


Big thx in advance 

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