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Programming Cyclone V SoC FPGA from or preloader

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I am trying to program my Cyclone V SoC FPGA with new configuration (using Quartus 16.2 and Qsys). I generated the .sof and then the .rbf file from quartus, and I sent it to the FPGA via Quartus Programmer whereas I lost control to my board (ps: the sof file was sent correctly what quartus Programmer said) I couldn't even connect to from SSH (have you this problem before?). Secondly I tried to send my rbf file to th QSPI flash as said to the address 0x8000000 , I has been written correctly but the FPGA leds blinked as usual not as I programmed in the new FPGA configuration (after a reboot). 


Could anyone let me know how to program FPGA on Cyclone V from HPS?
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Hello, to program the FPGA from HPS, you need to set the MSEL of the FPGA correctly (typically it is FPPx16) - perhaps you can check that