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Programming emmc Flash using JTAG!

Honored Contributor II

Hi Hi!! 

More and more "SoC Modules" are comming out just with one Boot/User flash chip on it!! These chips are usually eMMC 's!! 

And my question is? 

Is there a altera command or a tcl script to programm eMMC (over SD/MMC controller) using the JTAG interface??? 

Just like quartus_hps for QSPI Flash 's!!!!! 

If not!!!:cry: How complex it could be to programm a tcl script to control the SD/MMC controller and finally write "my Image" on my eMMC chip?? 

I am looking for, the easiest way (for production) to programm my flash (emmc) using JTAG! 

thanks for youre time! 


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