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Push Button ISR not called in the sample code

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I am new to Cyclone V and VxWorks, I try to run the given sample code vxworks_sampleapp_ed_1.0. 

I followed the instructions in AN725_Sample_RTOS_Application.pdf and proceed till page 12 Running the Application. 

The LED 0 and 1 blinking is working, however when I try the push button FPGA0 and 1 the ISR is not called. 

I try to disable the ISR and do the polling on the alt_read_word(PUSH_BUTTON_DATA_ADDR); in a while loop. 

It returns 0x0 no matter the button is pressed or not. 

Same thing happen for the DIPSW. 


Anyone face this problem before?
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Hi i found the problem, the fpga image in my SD is not update to the ghrd_fpga. 

after replace the fpga image, it can run as stated. 


thank you.
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you are quite good, found your own missed out steps in about 1 hour!! bravo!