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Qsys would not start

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Hello everyone. 

I am new to Cyclone V soc and Qsys. I was trying to go through AN706 using Quartus II 14.0 (tried 15 & 16 also) on Windows 10 PC. However, I can not get Qsys to start. 

Here are a couple of thing I have found. 


1. If I start Quartus and open a project "soc_system.qpf" and then start Qsys, it will start and go through initializing and then disappears. 

2. If I start Quartus without opening a project and start Qsys, it will start. But, as soon as I try file->open, it closes. 

Since I am very new at this, I don't even know where to start. I looked online without much success resolving this issue. I've come across mentions of missing library but, did not find any instructions on how to install it. (If that is a solution to this issue) 

Any help on this would be very much appreciated. 


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Thank you for your reply Vikas. I will definitely try your link. 

I am running free web version of Quartus II 14.0. Just wondering, is a paid license required to run Qsys? 

Also, I am trying to create Ethernet GPIO as a start point of my project. Are there any information available you could direct me to? I just purchased a DE10-Nano to get started. 

Thanks again and best regards,