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Quartus 14.1 burning epcs(nios)

Honored Contributor II

Recently, my company in the debug nios.Probably as follows: 




software version:quartus 14.1 




epcs:micron : n25q064a13ese40f 



The problem: 


On the FPGA curing, burning is not successful(*.sof Can download properly,Nios debugging to normal) 




Info: EPCS identifier is 0x20BA17  


Info: :confused: - looking for section [EPCS-20BA17]  

Info: Unable to use EPCS device 


By adding and modification *:\altera\14.1\nios2eds\bin\nios2-flash-override.txt  


[epcs-20ba17]# epcs64n (lead-free) 


sector_size = 65536 


sector_count = 128 



but,the question remains.  

And the processing method, we can solve the problem in the quartus 13.1. 

now my company to adopt quartus 14.1, how to solve the problem?
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