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Quartus 20.1 NIOS II ED error: Makefile:1010: recipe for target '***.elf' failed

I have just migrated from 18.1 to 20.1 Lite.  I am working on a W10 machine and have installed WSL, Ubuntu, etc.  NIOS II SBT is running and I was able to create a new project from template as instructed.  I created a project using the "Small Hello World" template.  The application and bsp projects were created.  Cleaning and building the bsp project works well as does clean the application project.  However, when I try to build the application project, I get the following error -

10:03:31 **** Build of configuration Nios II for project test_20_1_7 ****
wsl make all
wslpath: hal_bsp: No such file or directory
Info: Building /mnt/c/a_Nightowl/wds2hdmi/rtl/qsys/software/test_20_1_7_bsp/
make --no-print-directory -C /mnt/c/a_Nightowl/wds2hdmi/rtl/qsys/software/test_20_1_7_bsp/
[BSP build complete]
Info: Compiling hello_world_small.c to obj/default/hello_world_small.o
nios2-elf-gcc.exe -xc -MP -MMD -c -IC:/a_Nightowl/wds2hdmi/rtl/qsys/software/test_20_1_7_bsp/HAL/inc -IC:/a_Nightowl/wds2hdmi/rtl/qsys/software/test_20_1_7_bsp -IC:/a_Nightowl/wds2hdmi/rtl/qsys/software/test_20_1_7_bsp/drivers/inc -pipe -D__hal__ -DALT_NO_C_PLUS_PLUS -DALT_NO_CLEAN_EXIT -D'exit(a)=_exit(a)' -DALT_NO_EXIT -DALT_USE_DIRECT_DRIVERS -DALT_NO_INSTRUCTION_EMULATION -DALT_USE_SMALL_DRIVERS -DSMALL_C_LIB -DALT_SINGLE_THREADED -Os -g -Wall -mno-hw-div -mno-hw-mul -mno-hw-mulx -mgpopt=global -o obj/default/hello_world_small.o hello_world_small.c
Info: Linking test_20_1_7.elf
nios2-elf-g++.exe -T'C:/a_Nightowl/wds2hdmi/rtl/qsys/software/test_20_1_7_bsp/linker.x' -msys-crt0='C:/a_Nightowl/wds2hdmi/rtl/qsys/software/test_20_1_7_bsp/obj/HAL/src/crt0.o' -msys-lib= -LC:/a_Nightowl/wds2hdmi/rtl/qsys/software/test_20_1_7_bsp -msmallc -Wl, -Os -g -Wall -mno-hw-div -mno-hw-mul -mno-hw-mulx -mgpopt=global -o test_20_1_7.elf obj/default/hello_world_small.o -lm -msys-lib=m
nios2-elf-g++.exe: error: missing argument to '-msys-lib='
make: *** [test_20_1_7.elf] Error 1
Makefile:1010: recipe for target 'test_20_1_7.elf' failed

10:03:34 Build Finished (took 2s.438ms)


I have no idea what this error means.  Can any one help me?

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