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Quartus Prime Light 17.1

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I have a new updated Gentoo Linux AMD64 8core and a running Quartus Prime Light 17.0 (modelsim doesn't work on up-to-date linuxboxes because of ncurses 6. and Quartus needs a 5,9 and some others in 32 bit ???) As i have seen the newest version of Quartus i was very happy and full of hope BUT Now i tried to install Quartus Prime Light 17.1 in the hope that modelsim would work now BUT NO CHANCE it freezes while the installation procedure nearly at the end ... here is missing something ! If I kill the with CTRL C then i could start Quartus BUT NOT in the Light version. OK Is there a workaround or a update available or what exactly should i do that i even can install Quartus

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First of all, they have not fixed ANY incompatibilities in the new version - you'll still have to provide ancient glibc, freetype2 and ncurses for modelsim to work. You'll see some hints how this can be done in the arch wiki, they're still valid for 17.1: 


Second, the installer problem is not limited to you either - guess it was too easy to get this thing running before, so something new had to be introduced. Exclude Help and Modelsim from your install and install them separately from the components directory. I'd still like to have a better workaround to use with the AUR packaging script, so please let me know if you have an idea how to make it work by itself. 


I know it's not a forum for complains but for help, but I really struggle to understand why software with such a reach and a price tag on it (i mean, it's not just the Lite edition I assume) can not be properly maintained for compatibility and not delivered properly packaged for at least a single up-to-date distribution instead of this windows-like stuff which then even manages to fail with a task as trivial as self-extraction. I mean, any decent open-source project has continuous integration and automated testing set up and sees such problems coming immediately, and they drag incompatibilities through multiple major releases..
Honored Contributor II

YES the price tag and support ... and the reality are 2 different things .. normally i should expect a working "up to date" master peace of software with such a PRICE TAG and a support within a few days response -> but sorry that's a lot of 1's and 0's for a trash can .  

Selfishness is the main problem of such manufacturers 

My temp solution is working with the old Version on a VirtualBox with an old Linux 

AND long time is to change to another cpld manufacturer with better software