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Questions about Avalon Performance Counter

1. alt_get_cpu_freq() is not defined by "altera_avalon_performance_counter.h",  

which header file can I use for this function? 

2. When I run the program using Nios II instruction set simulator, it gave me a  

warning : "SOPC Builder system component performance_counter_0 is not  

supported by the simulator. Simulation may be incorrect if your software  

attempts to access it". Also I got an error: "Error! Failed memory access in 

component cpu_0 - Reading data 0x0 from uninitialized memory (addr =  

0x3ff68) Error! : Simulation failed in component cpu_0 at instruction 3257 

(PC=0x21e4 instr=0x24000317)." So, which tool except Modelsim can I use to 

run the program with performance counter? Actually, Modelsim is very slow if 

running a very large code. 


Thank you very much!
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