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Reset Vector on Flash Memory

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I'm new in Nios II and have two questions for you. 


I want to control my Clocked Video Input and Output via Nios II. 


First question: 

I begin my Nios II experience with this training video: (See his configuration at 7:40) 


The Hello World works fine with onchip memory, but if I want to connect a flash memory for the reset vector, i become this two errors:  

Why did I become this errors and why does the guy from the video does not have them? 


Second question: 

In this .pdf on page 120 

I see that I can output the video, by using the control register bit 0. 

How do I configure this in NiosII? 

I think that I have to write something like this: 


but wherefrom do I know the correct syntax? 


Thank you very much.
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First question: solved 

Before lunch, I have closed Quartus II. After it, I reopend it. Aaand: No more errors... However 


Still trying to configure the registers.