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Reset the fpga from Linux using /dev/mem/

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I'm building a project in Quartus II for my board DE1_SoC. 

I created an IP and then connected it with HPS using Qsys via AXI4-lite interface, then, I launched Linux Yocto in HPS to program the FPGA. 

I used dd or cat to the port /dev/fpga0 when programming the FPGA with my project. 

Do I have to reset the FPGA part after programming using my method above? 


In similar platform from Xilinx, I am able to reset the FPGA by sending a value to Register Reset. 

Can I do that in Altera? For example by sending a certain value with /dev/mem in a program. 


Anybody with similar experience is welcome to give his/her opinion. 


Thanks a lot!
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