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Running Quartus 9.1sp2 on CentOS 5

Hello, after trying to solve cygwin errors unsuccessfully on my Windows workstation for over a week I'm attempting to run Quartus 9.1sp2 on a fresh install of Linux. I am not very experienced with Linux. I am running a fresh install of CentOS 5.6. 


The Quartus installation completed without any errors but when I try to run quartus it stops with simply "Abort". I have set the environmental variables for the license and installation directory like the installation pdf suggests but that didn't help. Turning on verbose for the quartus script it gets down to: 

if ( $CMD_NAME == "mwcleanup" ) then eval exec "$CMD_NAME $cmd_line" exec quartusthen crashes with just "Abort" 


Can anyone help me get past this? The machine is 32 bit.
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For anyone with this error, I figured out the problem was in the /etc/hosts file. I needed to change the line to include the currently configured host name.