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Running code on a specific card

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here's my problem: 

I have a design in Quartus II integrating a Nios II cpu and everything is fine when running a simple template. 

Now I have another board connecting with a USB cable. When this second board is connected, my Altera board is going from USB-Blaster [USB-0] to USB-Blaster [USB-2] (I can see that in the programmer) and Eclipse is telling there are errors when trying to run the software. 

Can anyone tell me what I can do?
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Is the second board exactly the same as the working one?  

If you are trying to run the same Nios design on a different hardware configuration, you need to recompile the design. 

Please describe better the problem: what's the error message? Do you get it when loading Nios firmware or when you configure the fpga?
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No, the second board is not the same but I've found a solution: when the "Create, manage and run configurations" window opens, go in the "Target Connection" tab and click on the "Refresh Connections" button.