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SD card in u-boot

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Hello everyone, 


I' have a problem about sd card(SPI mode) on u-boot (ver. u-boot-2011.12). 


when I use the 'fatls' command, I could not get the correct/expected result. 





==> fatls mmc_spi 0 

1694152 vmlinux_bin 

877709 zimage 

859412 zimage_bin 

859476 uimage_bin 

4 file(s), 0 dir(s) 


(Real world...:eek:) 

==> fatls mmc_spi 0 

1694152 vmlinux_bin 

877709 zimage 

-1 zimage_bin 


3 file(s), 4 dir(s) 



But the SD device works well on uClinux (I try the 'ls', 'cat' on uClinux) 


Any ideas? 



I tried this on Altera DE-0 

SPI core configs in SOPC are 

(My system clk is 50MHz) 


The system info: 


I create my_fpag.h by "sopc-create-config-files (;a=blob_plain;f=tools/sopc-create-config-files;hb=...)" script. 

The attachments are the detail setting files
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