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SOPC Address Overlap error

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Hello Friend's 

i am facing Address Overlap error in SOPC. even though i have do the auto assign base address. but still problem is not resolved. 


Please give your feedback on the issue i have attached the following 

1. .sopc and its print screen 

2. Project Print screen 


*please remove .txt extension while opening the .sopc file 




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I guess that the addresses each side of the pipeline bridge have to match - but the 'auto-assign' address doesn't know that. 

If you manually assign the base addresses you can group things sanely - and probably avoid the warning about code blocks being separated by more than 28 bits. 


I'd also avoid the 'clock crossing bridge' by using the s1 and s2 ports of the internal memory blocks.
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This happens, when you connect a component once through a bridge and once around it. 

The bridge adds an offset to the address space, so that it's cleanly separated. 

So the component is seen by some periphereals at it's real address and once via the bridges offset. 

I usually circumvent this by adding a second bridge into the "direct" connection, and giving that the same base address (thus adding the same offset).  

You can check this easily via the "Address map" button below the SOPC scheme. It will show you which Avalon master sees which avalon slave at which address space. 

The NIOS EDS can not handle multiple addresses for the same Avalon slave interface, so the should match for all masters that need to address one slave.